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SMALL Medical Leeches


Small Medical leeches are by far our most popular product to date. Maybe due to its low price, making this small leech so affordable for purchase, or maybe because the small leech as a bloodsucker feels more comfortable to use for leech therapy by novice or shy patients, we do not know exactly, but this product is our #1 seller. Small leeches are easily and affectively used in every type of leech therapy, starting from cosmetic anti-aging and rejuvenation hirudotherapy procedures, through bloodletting on the belly button or on the body corpus, where small leeches will not leave a mark, and ending with the most difficult of places to apply leeches on, which is the head and the private region. Not to mention, small leeches are also the only size leech to use in delicate areas of the body: such as the arms, face, inner-thighs, throat & neck, as well as for hemorrhoids. Small leeches deal with all of those delicate situations equally well. Perhaps one application where the small leech might not be so suitable would be the calf muscles of the legs or the upper back. Larger leeches are required there, to release the built-up blood-pressure inside blood vessels, to effectively deal with back stiffness, leg pain or varicose veins. For everything else, small leeches have been used extensively and are almost always in stock and available for sale. Small leeches do however suck very little amounts of blood and do not release as much bio-compounds to facilitate ample afterward bleeding, which is why other sizes might be more suitable for your leech therapy purposes. For complicated or chronic conditions, small leeches might not be the answer, as you would need to use 5 times more of them to achieve the same result, as you would using a large size leech. Small leeches can be re-used on the same patient in approximately 3 months after the initial hirudotherapy.