Leech Therapy /Hirudotherapy/ - The Use of Medical Leeches for Disease Treatment

     For home-made leeches, prepare: a jar of hungry medical leeches, a second jar of water to collect the leeches when they get drunk with blood. For home-grooming, you will also need: Hirodo Shackles, Scissors or Pinsetti to catch leeches, dressings, towels, napkins, paper tape. You can complete the procedure of placing "Living Healers" alone or with the help of a close friend or relative to assist you. See a video showing how leech home therapy works:

     A day before the procedure do not use: perfumes, deodorants, creams, ointments and other highly odorous preparations so that leeches can be caught seamlessly for your skin. Stay comfortable and place the lee in the area where you want to get hold of. She will start actively exploring the area and looking for a place to pierce the skin. If you want the leech to fit in a specific place, you can help by bleeding a drop of blood. If he smelled the blood, the leech would immediately grab the place.

     Depending on your illness or the problem you want to treat, put the necessary amount of leeches. Typically, 5 to 15 counts are used for one session, and for heavy disease in advanced stages up to 33 leeches! Determine how many leeches to put on how much weight you are weighing. The more you weigh, the more leeches you can use the procedure.

     For home-grooming therapy prepare: A jar of Hirudo Medicinalis leeches, a jar of water for leeches, when they are drunk with blood, old towels, ladies' dressings, paper tape to put on the bandages for the wounds from which the blood-borne drinks have sucked. The curative leeches are more active during the day, so do the therapy in the light. When drunk with blood, the medical Hirudo leeches detach themselves from the skin and fall. Put them in a jar of water, apart from the hungry ones. From the place where the blood is shed, it will "tear" blood mixed with the lymph for several hours. Hirudo leeches inject Hyrudine into the blood that dilutes it and slows down its clotting.

   The duration of therapy is individual in every patient. When they get drunk with blood, the leeches run themselves off the skin. If you want to remove a leech from your skin, you can use: vinegar, lemon juice, alcohol or salt. But it is advisable to wait for leeches to be released when they are ready. Keep the injected drink separate from the hungry to prevent cannibalism. From the place where the leech is bleeding, light blood mixed with lymph will continue to flow. Bleeding will last for hours, with some people continuing for up to 12 hours, which should not bother you. This is how to purify the blood and resume with a brand new one.

   Use the towel and napkins to dry the running blood until all the leeches are released. Then you can put ladies' dressings on the wounds and catch them with the paper tape for the skin. The bandages change when they are filled with new ones. If you do not want to use bandages, you can let the blood run freely on a large towel. If an assistant makes the bandages and dries your blood, he must use gloves to replace with new ones when needed. Hirudotherapy sessions can be done in one week. Let the blood mixed with the lymph run freely until it clots completely and stop. You can absorb the prepared towels or stick the ladies' dressings for the places where the leeches suck.

   Follow a diet a few days after your home-made leech treatment. Take mainly plant food, restrict animal products. It is not recommended to eat meat and drink alcohol three days after Hirudo - the treatment. Refrain from taking coffee, cigarettes and highly stimulating foods and beverages. By following these recommendations, the new blood that will form the body will be better and cleaner, which will favor your good health.