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Leech Tweezers
Leech Tweezers Perfect for Leech Therapy For Small & Cosmetic Leeches as well as for baby...
€10.00 €8.00
Leech Handle Gloves
  You need a pair of leech handling gloves, if you plan on dealing with your...
€6.00 €5.00
6-inch Medical Leech Handler
6-inch Medical Leech Handler
Leech Forceps for Handling
Leech Forceps - Long. Stainless Steel Metal. Our forceps are a strongly recommended leech tool to...
Leech Bucket Lodge
Leech Care Bucket & Leach LodgeUsed to keep over 30 medical leeches and leech pets....
Aquarium for Leeches
Leech Terrarium / Leach Aquarium / Fish Bowl Designed to house around 15-25 medical leeches and leech...
Leech Pebbles for Leech Lodge
Leech Pebbles for Aquarium, Terrarium, Jar & Lodge Designed for easy leech skin-shedding! Used for your medicinal...
Leech Care Strainer
Leech Care Strainer Size: LARGE  Material: Metal Capacity: Up to 80 leeches 
Leech Net
You may need a leech net to wash your leeches under running water, to wash away...
Moss for Hirudo Leeches
Leech moss provides comfortable bed for pregnant leeches. Leech environment stabilizer Leeches love to lay...
Hirudo Gel for Leech Transport
100g Hirudo Medicinalis Non-Toxic Water gel for Leeches - Re-Usable. This hydro gel is specially...
Leach Tank Thermometer
Leach Tank Thermometer The optimal temperature for leaches is under 25 degrees C and over 5...
Leech Handling Tool - Sturdy Plastic
Leech Forceps - Long - Material: Plastic. Our forceps are a strongly recommended leech tool to use...
Leech Jars Set 1L / 2L
Leech Jars set 1L / 2L