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Leech Tweezers
Leech Tweezers Perfect for Leech Therapy For Small & Cosmetic Leeches as well as for baby...
€10.00 €8.00
Leech Forceps for Handling
Leech Forceps - Long. Stainless Steel Metal. Our forceps are a strongly recommended leech tool to...
Moss for Hirudo Leeches
Leech moss provides comfortable bed for pregnant leeches. Leech environment stabilizer Leeches love to lay...
Leech Handle Gloves
  You need a pair of leech handling gloves, if you plan on dealing with your...
€6.00 €5.00
6-inch Medical Leech Handler
6-inch Medical Leech Handler
Aquarium for Leeches
Leech Terrarium / Leach Aquarium / Fish Bowl Designed to house around 15-25 medical leeches and leech...
Hirudo Gel for Leech Transport
50g Hirudo Medicinalis Non-Toxic Water gel for Leeches - Re-Usable. This hydro gel is specially...
Leech Handling Tool - Sturdy Plastic
Leech Forceps - Long - Material: Plastic. Our forceps are a strongly recommended leech tool to use...
Leech Bucket Lodge
Leech Care Bucket & Leach LodgeUsed to keep over 30 medical leeches and leech pets....
Leech Pebbles for Leech Lodge
Leech Pebbles for Aquarium, Terrarium, Jar & Lodge Designed for easy leech skin-shedding! Used for your medicinal...
Leech Care Strainer
Leech Care Strainer Size: LARGE  Material: Metal Capacity: Up to 80 leeches 
Leech Net
You may need a leech net to wash your leeches under running water, to wash away...
Leach Tank Thermometer
Leach Tank Thermometer The optimal temperature for leaches is under 25 degrees C and over 5...
Leech Jars Set 1L / 2L
Leech Jars set 1L / 2L