Medical Leeches for Sale: Buy Leech Therapy Hirudo Medicinalis Bloodsucking Leech 150 Mini-Sized Live Leeches – Medical Leeches

150 Mini-Sized Live Leeches


150 Live Leaches, Size: MINI. Mini Leeches are a bit larger than baby leeches and smaller than cosmetic leeches. There is no guarantee whether these leeches will be able to bite you and pierce your skin independently in order to suck blood therapeutically. If they do not bite, you can wait for them to grow out and use them as cosmetic leeches or you can buy large leeches simultaneously and attach these mini leeches on the bite site, to feed them, until they grow larger and stronger and are capable of biting on their own.


Type: "Hirudo Medicinalis"