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Large Medical Leech


LIVE Hirudo Medicinalis Medical Leech (Hirudo). The large leech is our second most popular leech product in the shop. Hirudotherapy patients with more urgent need of therapy choose the large leech due to its size and ability to suck more blood. Large leeches suck 5 times more blood than small leeches. The afterward blood-oozing also lasts longer. They will enlarge tremendously and if kept at home and given proper care, leeches will be able to be re-used on the same patient, in just 3 to 6 months. Being older, large leeches are more experienced and able to de-clot and thin the blood faster, by forming a good, clean sucking channel. Their abilities makes them tremendously good in improving the microcirculation of tissues and re-building the capillary structures. The hirudotherapy process using large leeches involves a minimal amount of pain or discomfort, as compared to their small counterparts. Large leeches inject larger amounts of Hirudin, Painkillers and Antibiotics, making hirudotherapy with them easier and more comfortable, as well as much faster than the rest of the leech sizes. Large leeches are extremely easy to take care of, being very resilient, they have the highest survival rates and live longer. They are also slower to move, making them harder to run away or escape. The muscular large Hirudo Medicinalis leech on the other hand is quite agile and possesses a strong instinct to sense problem areas on the body that need attention. Best use for the large leech is for illnesses and conditions that have been long-standing and deeply-rooted. It is best to apply this leech to areas and parts of the body that have thicker skin, such as the lower part of the legs below the calf muscles as well as on the upper back, among other locales.