Medical Leeches for Sale: Buy Leech Therapy Hirudo Medicinalis Bloodsucking Leech Baby Leech "Hirudo Medcinalis" 14-Pack – Medical Leeches

Baby Leech "Hirudo Medcinalis" 14-Pack

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14 Live Medical Leech BABIES, Type: "Hirudo Medicinalis".This is one of our more popular leech products. While we are not sure why hirudotherapy patients and leech therapy spas and clinics purchase this product, it is very highly sought-after. Babies are sometimes as thin as pins or needles and have recently hatched out of their mother's cocoon. Most baby leeches cannot pierce human skin on their own. If you intend to feed them until they grow up to be cosmetic or small leeches, you need to allow a larger leech make the first bite, after which the babies can attach and feed on that same bite site. Baby leeches can potentially be kept in cold water and looked after as pets without feeding for a while, until they grow slightly larger and more ready to bite human skin. However, in keeping them without feeding, you run the risk of losing a small percentage of them in the process. We recommend you buy leeches as babies, only if you feel confident you know how to care for these tiny bloodsuckers, as they might not be able to bite in the beginning.