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Asian Buffalo Leech Bloodsucker

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Asian  Leech (aka) The Buffalo Leech or Giant "Hirudinaria Manillensis". Baby / Juvenile / Hatchling. Asian Buffalo leeches are sold as babies and will grow very fast to become an enormous, almost monster-size leech, as shown in the videos we have featured on YouTube. Asian leech babies require to be fed monthly (in the beginning) then every 2-3 months. This leech variety has particular care requirements that make it quite different than its Hirudo counterparts, which are super easy to keep, compared to the Buffalo Leech. A temperature between 22-25 degrees Celsius (about 78 Fahrenheit) must be maintained at all times in their leech tank or leech aquarium, which means you must equip yourself with a fish tank heater with a built-in thermometer. Furthermore, it not advisable to make the fish tank water deeper than 20cm because as the Hirudinaria Manillensis are still babies, they might get crushed by water pressure and not be able to swim up for air. Leeches can drown, so they should have plenty of air inside their leech container. If they have been sucking blood and are fed and full you would keep their temperature at the lower range or else the blood inside them can congeal or boil and cause them to perish. 22 degrees would probably be ideal to maintain in the aquarium after each feeding. Taking care of fed buffalos is significantly more difficult than keeping hungry buffalo leeches and looking after them. Furthermore, you need to keep their leech tank either in a dark room or covered by dark fabric, to ensure constant darkness for them, as they despise light immensely and are unable to latch and feed in the light or in the cold. You will receive a full sheet of further instructions, along with your order of buffalo leeches. Many customers choose to buy leeches of this variety, to breed them and for re-sale. Other people choose them for their enormous size and ability to withdraw blood. Whatever the reason may be, your grown buffalo leech will surely be the topic of conversation at every dinner party, raise the eyebrows and draw the attention of everyone who happens to lay eyes on it. Seeing an exotic live leech of this grandeur in person is definitely a sight to behold!