95 Leeches Hirudo

95 Leeches Hirudo

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  • 100% Delivery of live Leeches
  • Upon arrival you must immediately transfer your leeches out and put them into a jar of cold water. You can use rain or tap water
  • If there is an issue with your order, please send us a picture on the day of delivery and we will compensate for the damage.

Package content:

  • 92 LARGE Live leeches

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    Medical Leech Hirudo Medicinalis Medium
    Medical Leech Hirudo Medicinalis for Hirudotherapy MEDIUM-SIZE
    5 Live Large Medical Leeches
    Medical leeches have remained a great tool for treating infections. Doctors are using medical leeches...
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    XL Medicinal Leeches
      Medicinal Bloodsucking Leach Used for: Leech Therapy & Bloodletting Healing & Pain Relief
    SMALL Medical Leeches
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    10 Medium Hirudo Medicinalis Leeches
    10 Medium Hirudo Medicinalis Leeches for Leech Therapy
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    Giant Dracula Pet Leech
    GIANT-SIZE Hirudo Verbana European Bloodsucking Leech (aka the Hungarian Leech). Sold as: Leeches as Pets. Not...
    Medium Medicinal Leech
    Hirudo Medicinalis. Medical /Medicinal/ Leech MEDIUM SIZE. The medium leech is our third most popular product sold on Leeches.com....
    Jumbo Medical Leech
    Jumbo Size Leeches, Hirudo Medicinalis Medicinal Bloodsucker - Live / Or /North American Bloodsucking Leech...
    European Medicinal Leech Hirudo Verbana
    European Medicinal Leech Hirudo Verbana for Sale
    Leech Tweezers
    Leech Tweezers Perfect for Leech Therapy For Small & Cosmetic Leeches as well as for baby...
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