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XL Medicinal Leeches
  Medicinal Bloodsucking Leach Used for: Leech Therapy & Bloodletting Healing & Pain Relief
Giant Dracula Pet Leech
GIANT-SIZE Hirudo Verbana European Bloodsucking Leech (aka the Hungarian Leech). Sold as: Leeches as Pets. Not...
Jumbo Medical Leech
Jumbo Size Leeches, Hirudo Medicinalis Medicinal Bloodsucker - Live / Or /North American Bloodsucking Leech...
4 Hirudo Medicinalis Leeches Jumbo-SIzed
Buy 4 Hirudo Medicinalis Leeches Giant & Jumbo-SIzed
€40.00 €36.00
Asian Medicinal Buffalo Leech Bloodsucker
Asian Medicinal Leech (aka) The Buffalo Leech or Giant "Hirudinaria Manillensis". Baby / Juvenile /...
North American Leech
SOLD-OUT North American Medicinal Leech - A Rare Species. LAST STOCK REMAINING! ONCE THESE ARE...
Hirudo verbana Leech, aka "Hungarian Leech"
Hirudo Verbana Medicinalis Bloodsucking Leech - also known as the "Hungarian Leech" is the first ever...
24 Bloodsucking Leeches on Sale Jumbo-Size
24 Bloodsucking Leeches Sale Giant & Jumbo-Sizes "Hirudo Medicinalis" AKA European Medical Leech - LIVE...
€200.00 €180.00
Pregnant Hirudo Leech
Pregnant Hirudo Leech  
FED Live Leech (Full) Jumbo Size
Hirudo MedicinalisMedical LeechFED  ( Full ) Jumbo Size These Medical Leeches have recently been fed at...
16 Pet Leeches Size Jumbo
16 Pet Leeches for Sale, Size Jumbo. Not Recommended for Medicinal Use
180 Hirudo Medicinalis Leeches Jumbo-Size
180 Hirudo Medicinalis Leeches Jumbo-Size
€2,100.00 €1,950.00
Pet Live Leech Hirudo Verbana
Order Pet Leech Hirudo Verbana Online
Крупные Медицинские Пиявки
Крупные Медицинские Пиявки Very Large Medicinal Leeches
One Live Medical Leech
Medical leeches have remained a great tool for treating infections. Doctors are using medical leeches...
Leeches SAlE by Invitation (200). FREE SHIP
200 Large LIVE Leeches  Type: Hirudo Medicinalis Bloodsucking Leech FREE SHIPPING SOLD by special invitation only...
400 North American Leeches - WHOLESALE Pack
SOLD-OUT 400 North American Medicinal Leech - A Rare Species. LAST STOCK REMAINING! ONCE THESE...