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Leech Jar 500ml
Leech jar 500ml
Aquarium for Leeches
Leech Terrarium / Leach Aquarium / Fish Bowl Designed to house around 15-25 medical leeches and leech...
Two Small Jars Set 350ml & 500ml
Two small jars set 350ml & 500ml   
Small Leech Jar 750ml
Small leech jar 750ml  
Small Leech Jars Set
Small Leech Jars Set 200ml 350ml 500ml 750ml  
Leech Jar 350ml
Leech Jar 350ml 
Leech Bucket Lodge
Leech Care Bucket & Leach LodgeUsed to keep over 30 medical leeches and leech pets....
Small Hirudo Jars Set 350ml & 500ml
Small Hirudo Jars Set 350ml & 500ml  
Leech Plastic Jar 2L
Leech jar for Medical leeches 2L   
Leech Jars Set 5L / 3L
Leech Jars Set 3L / 5L 
Leech Jar 10L
Leech jar 10L
Jars for Leeches 1L & 0.750ml
Leech Jars 1L & 0.750ml   
Jar for Medical Leeches 5L
Jar for Medical Leech Jar 5l  
Jar for Live Leeches 1L
Plastic leech container 1L  
Jar for Medical Leeches 3L
Jar for Medical Leeches to use in Hirudotherapy jar 3L  
Leech Jars Set 750ml / 500ml
Leech Jars Set 750 ml & 500ml   
Leech Jars Set 1L / 2L
Leech Jars set 1L / 2L