Do Leeches & Medications Mix? Meds, Supplements, Blood Thinners & Hirudotherapy

LEECHES & Medications Don't Mix; Meds, Supplements, Blood Thinners & Hirudotherapy Tsetsi
I get these question asked all the time and its hard for me to explain to people all the time the same thing and they still don’t understand.

What you want to do before leech therapy it to cut out all the medications.
Not because leech therapy is going to take care of all of these conditions but because its going to be difficult for the leech to get a holed of you, to want to bite you and to want to suck the blood from you.

So you don’t want to take anything that is strong its going to infuse your blood with very strong scent and smells and when you go to put a leech on you its not going to want to bite.

Or if it does bite if you trick it to bite somehow than you know whats gonna happen.

Its gonna let go very soon.

Its gonna be like dizzy.

It might die afterwords.

It also it would feel very good.
That leech.

The leeches what they like is sweat profusely you are leeches best friend.
You also if you taking any kind of supplements or even the super foods you know things like.

I had a client who was taking onion seed supplements.

And I said to him  how long have you been taking it.

He said its very very good.
Kills all the bacteria.

And what not.

I never even heard of this supplement before.

But  the leeches did not want to bite him.

And when they did bite him finally it was after a long long afford about ten of them refuse completely and he really wanted them  and he couldn’t have them because they wouldn’t bite and after you know after this long afford of having them, tricking them in veriest different ways they finally bite and after that they pretty much died.

So from these extremely strong supplement that he was taking that was entering his blood the leeches were dying and the leeches did not want to bite.

So I asked him to cut out the supplement and to also start taking epsom salts after therapy to release all the congested al the lymphatic fluid thats come up to the surface and its formed just tiny little bumps here and there.

You know after therapy you do get sort of like a zid that you wana pop

Well if its a bit more raised that your lymphatic system is more conjected and locked up.

So you want to drink epsom salts. 
I will make a separate video about that.

The topic of this video is about supplements.
So cut out all the supplements if you can.

Before therapy during therapy and after therapy.

Also hirudotherapy does not like meds.
So any kind of heavy medication prescribed by your doctors such as antibiotics blood thinners anything like that.
Cut it out I am telling you.

You are gonna do yourself a big favor.

Stop all the medications.

I am not a medical doctor and this is not a medical advise but this is my personal conviction and opinion.

And if you do that you will have much better results with the therapy.

And you’ll see that the leech does such an extreme good job of thinning your blood.

The job that is gonna do is gonna be superb
I mean superior to any other blood thinning medication that you ever tried before like heparin and other kinds I don’t even know their names.

But the blood thinning medications they have sight effects their function is not very is just not superior to the leeches.

That once the leech gives you hirudin and I mean you gonna be like wow how how did not think of that, how did not know about that.

So you definitely cut out all the antibiotics blood thinners .

They will give you sight effects , the leech will not.
And try leech therapy with clean blood and clean body and without any toxins if you can if you can do that.

If you have any questions please go ahead and ask.

I try to answer to all my questions

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From sunny London and Tsetsi good bye