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About - an international distributor and supplier of medical leeches. is a provider of live medical leeches of the type "Hirudo Medicinalis" and "Hirudo Verbana" for Europe and the whole world. We work with bio - farms specializing in the cultivation of medical leeches, providing most of the leeches used for Hirudotherapy in medical institutions around the world. We are dealing with the supply of medical leeches and home care supplies from 2013 and we are one of the few that provide leeches to people from the general public, medical institutions and healthcare professionals. The leeches we deliver are of excellent quality and our prices are the most profitable all over Europe. 

   We work with retail and wholesale orders. Medical leeches are maintained in a clean and sterile environment, with suppliers constantly investing in technologies such as carbon-enabled ultraviolet sterilization. These processes ensure that medical leeches are of the highest clinical standard. Hirudo Therapy and the use of curative leeches are reviving, and this ancient treatment method finds more and more admirers around the world.

   Leech treatment is practiced with success by everyone - both people who have decided to treat themselves with leeches at home and in specialized hospitals where they treat all sorts of diseases and problems with them. The use of healing leeches has a proven effect in alleviating the pain and symptoms of the disease. We also work with veterinary clinics where the use of leeches is becoming increasingly widespread. Buying medical leeches from Medicalleeches com guarantees you the highest level of service and quality standard. You can be sure that the leeches you order will arrive alive and in perfect condition - hungry and ready to treat you.