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Video: Leech

Video: Leech; external characters - morphology

the anatomy of leeches through the eyes of science - fascinating!

Posted on 18 May 22:20

Video: Biology Animation - Leech Reproductive System

Reproductive system of Leech - Animation for Biology Students, Made by The Studio5 Australia.


Posted on 18 May 22:14

Video: Hirudo Verbana (Hungarian Leech) feeding time

King Leech at Work Posted on 18 May 22:06

Video: The Medicinal Leech (Hirudo verbana) Crawls and Swims

The Boyali area in Eğirdir Lake (Turkey) is a rich habitat according the medicinal leech (Hirudo verbana) populations. This video was recorded in November 2013 in there. Actually the leech follows the video recorder (me) thinking any host for feeds on its. For this purpose, it crawled towards me a long time, and sometimes it swimmed when the macrophytes density was decreased on the surface of lake. As such, it was thought that the medicinal leeches have a capability to following their preys.




Posted on 18 May 21:59