LEECH SCARS and Acupuncture Pressure Points to treat with Leeches

LEECH SCARS and Acupuncture Pressure Points to treat with Leeches

So Today you probably wondering why is Tsetsi dressed so scantily?

Well thats because I’m about to show you some of the good points on the body of applying leeches as well as some of the scarring that a-curse.

So let me show you now I’ve had over two hundred maybe tree hundred could be four hundred leeches applied on myself.

And over the years I’ve had some scaring that I should point out to you.

So that you are aware.

Smaller leeches usually either don’t leave any scars only very very small tiny little scars.

Medium leeches the same thing.

Certain parts of the body are scarred, other parts are not.

Large leeches however may leave a mark so be wary and be careful with the large leeches.

Cosmetic leeches on the other hand usually never ever leave a mark.

Regardless of where you put them on the body.

They pretty much sort of like the bite is like a mosquito bite or bite from any kind of insect.

So therefore is not gonna leave a mark.

So now lets start with my face.

All my face I’ve had leeches applied on my forehead.

I don’t know if I can find pictures to post but.

One two tree or four places on my forehead have had quite large leeches in fact.

And the scars, the marks they stayed for about I’d say about a month.

I had some marking and it was difficult to go to work with the with the wounds but finally I got over it and they run away.

So right now you can’t really see anything but I’ll find pictures and I’ll post pictures to see how it was before.

And they were quite large.

I put really large ones on my forehead.

The reason I did that is because an older woman from Bulgaria had said to Jelio that she whenever she has a headache she puts leeches on her forehead and whenever she feels not completely you know in the best of conditions she puts them on her forehead.

So I decided to try the forehead and I did not feel any different to be honest.

So I’ve discontinued placing them on my forehead.

Now behind the ears I’ve had so many leeches placed behind my ears that I can’t even count.

And there is absolutely no scaring.

I don’t know if you can see, hopefully you can.

But there is nothing really to speak off.

And I’ve put really large leeches behind my ears.

Apparently this aria is very very easily regenerated.

It is it is thin skin it is sensitive.

And it regenerates quote easily.

I’ve had leeches placed on the size of my face there is nothing.

Really nothing nothing on my face

But I’ve put lots of leeches on my face.

And I know that my friend Jelio  has put leeches on top of his nose.

He put leeches here quite allot.

He put leeches pretty much everyone his face like here.

Nothing no scaring no what so ever.

The face is easily regenerated.

Its quick regenerater you could say.

But trying be wary of the size you put on your face even doe.

The face regenerate quickly and easily.

You might still experience some scarring if you put a really huge you know a big boy on it.

So I be careful if I were you.

Next place I’ve had leeches applied on my throat.

Kind of like Dracula.

I am not even sure which sight it was like either here or here.

If you can see anything let me know because I don’t see anything.

And I’ve had quite allot I mean I was it was  just like Dracula.

It was like allot of them sucking from one sight or the other of my throat.

And they were big.

At that time I didn’t care.

I wasn’t bored about scarring.

I was just I was Just trying to resolve some kind of condition.

And so yeah there is nothing to show.

But yeah I think the throat is easily regenerated aria so you don’t have to worry about that.

Next aria right lets see right here if I am not mistaken.

Right in this aria I had a bump.

So right here I did have a bump like a fresh fresh lump or you know those raised arias where you have like a hard bump.

So when I had that bump I put about seven leeches here.

And if you watch my video where I compare paling jels you can kind of see the little black dots sort of like you can’t really see them.

They are not scars but you can kind of see that I put leeches but you can’t really tell it was leeches that I put on them.

But if you watch that video maybe I will link it below but you will see there is something visible there.

And that was about two tree weeks maybe.

Maybe two weeks after I done it.

So that went away the lump the bump run away completely and the scaring run away.

The leeches were not that large.

So again I am showing you there is really nothing left as far as scaring has concerned.

Now on my back right here and like everywhere on my back I’ve had leeches.

I’ve had so many here, I don’t know if you can see hopefully you can.

I had so many leeches right in this aria.

And whatever is left I don’t think its much.

And in fact the largest leech I ever seen in my whole life bite me right here.

If I can find the video I will uploaded to youtube one day.

That leech was so huge.

It was probably this long and it was probably this wide.

The leech was humungous and then it became really flat.

And it got me sort of right here.

So I don’t know  if you can see but  there is pretty much nothing.

Maybe there will be something there.

Maybe this could be it.

Yeah So I am quite happy.

There is not there is not anything left from those types of bites.

Now on my arms on my arms I’ve leeches placed everywhere pretty much but I don’t remember where exactly other way I’d show you.

On my veins here I’ve had allots of times leeches placed and there is nothing.

This is this is a mole this is not it.

I usually place them right here and there is nothing.

Not the other day I fed a leech on the other arm and right now you can see a bit of discoloration a sort of like a dark pigmentation on my arm but I am sure this will go away.

On my hand I’ve had at some point I experience some pain in my sort of this aria the bones.

So this aria was hurting so I decided to put lots of leeches on.

I don’t know if its visible.

There is tiny little marks here and there.

So this aria stayed with marks for a long time probably about a year.

And there is still visible, still there.

So you can kind a see like tiny little discoloration dots.

Not this this is from a different this is from a different thing.

These tiny little dots.

Ok so be wary now moving on.

I’ve had leeches placed on my liver aria.

And there is a mark there.

There is a mark there.

There is definitely marks.

I will post picture of my liver aria leech therapy

Some of the most renown leech therapist say that you should put leeches on your liver first before you put them anywhere else.

Now lets move on to other parts of the body.

On my back I had them all over my spine.

And there is really nothing, nothing to speak of nothing like scaring.

I’ve also had them right on the crack on top of this.

This aria here is very important for leech therapy.

I don’t know if any scaring is visible because I cannot see my self in that aria.

I do believe they are little bit of scars.

This was done about two year ago.

Now let me talk about this aria here.

I’m never had any leeches placed here but this aria is very important for leech therapy.

If you are to do leech therapy and place leeches here make sure not to place them exactly on this fold.

So these two fold stay away from them because there is like mature arteries and you can experience mature blood flow.

So if you are to put leeches in this aria make sure you put them about two fingers with away from this fold.

So right here would be a good aria, or on this sight but not right in the middle because the mature arteries that are going throw here.

Same applies as the aria thats down here exactly on the fold.

Don’t put them exactly there put them a bit far that this way or far that up.

My legs is difficult for me to show you.

I’ve got allots of leeches on my legs but there is no scars left.

Just the other day when I was doing the therapy on the video I did put a few sorry I did put a few leeches on my leg and this is what’s pretty much left of that

Its a bit of discoloration but this will go away.

I’ve had a manu manu manu manu a news amounts of leeches on my legs.

Really really anewmorefs amounts.

And there is really nothing left pretty much.

Except for this discoloration that took place because on the reason applications .

Thats all for now.

I can’t think of any other aria where I’ve had a leech and I haven’t shown you.

So if you got any questions let me know

Other that that I hope you like the video.

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