Leech therapy on animals

Leech therapy on animals

Leech therapy on animals

What is good for humans has also proven itself in the animal world: leech therapy. It is now a traditional and recognized form of therapy that is used on both humans and animals. Why is it so popular? A number of medically effective substances are contained in the saliva of medicinal leeches. For this reason, they are classified as finished medicinal products in accordance with Section 2 (1), No. 1 of the Medicines Act.

Leech therapy: a good choice for many diseases:
Leech therapy on animals helps with various ailments. It is used on small animals for the following diseases:

  • Arthritis / arthrosis
  • joint malformations (dysplasias such as HD, ED)
  • Diseases of the ligament and tendon apparatus
  • Spinal disorders (spondyloses, cauda equina, discopathies, etc.)
  • Nerve inflammation / sciatica
  • hardened muscles
  • eczema
  • abscesses
  • Wound healing disorders
  • Scar problems
  • venous disorders
  • lymphangitis
  • Dental and jaw diseases
  • And much more


Leech therapy is also used successfully on larger animals. There are positive results in the following large animal diseases:

  • arthritis / arthrosis (e.g. spatula, shell)
  • Hoof diseases (e.g. deer, horn rot)
  • Diseases of the ligament and tendon apparatus (inflammation of the fetlock, cruciate ligament complaints, patellar luxation, etc.)
  • Cross shed
  • Spondylosis, kissing spines
  • Pressure points (saddle and tableware printing)
  • eczema (summer eczema, mauke)
  • abscesses
  • And much more


Leech therapy has proven itself particularly in horses, so that many horse owners resort to alternative healing methods if their animals suffer from health problems. 


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