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Leech Therapy: how does it work?

The proven healing effects of hirudo therapy

The proven healing effects of hirudo therapy


A millennia-old natural and well-proven healing treatment.

The secret of the success of putting leeches on is in the saliva secretion of the animals. It contains numerous substances with great effects.

Leeches belong to the family of blood-sucking ringworms, the anelids, and are close to earthworms. The best known of over 300 species is the medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis. It used to be widespread in our waters, but is rarely found today due to poor water quality. Leeches are definitely bred for medical purposes.

When starved, i.e. when put on the client, leeches weigh between one and three grams and are usually eight centimeters long. When fully soaked and full, the animals usually reach twice or three times their actual size.

The effect and setting of leeches

The leech sucks by pulling the center of the suction plate back on the head, creating a vacuum. The bite itself is barely noticeable. The animal uses its small biting tools to mill a three-pointed star into the skin. The leech gives its saliva secretion into this wound. So far, scientists have identified 15 active substances in leech stores that can lead to an improvement in well-being.

The effect of leeches is not only caused by blood loss. The leeches suck blood, but this is not a large amount. The effect of leeches goes beyond local blood withdrawal with its relieving and decongesting effects. The difference between applying leeches and other methods is that the leech releases secretions into the victim's body during sucking. This secretion is mainly responsible for the many different effects of leeches. The leech has a wide range of uses and can therefore help improve your general condition in many areas.


Leeches are used to increase overall wellbeing. In most cases, leeches in the sacrum are placed on the back. This is the central starting point for the application of leeches. Leeches are used in many areas and thus provide comprehensive support for human health. There is no method that works for everyone, but it always comes down to trying.

Nice, beautiful and healthy

For the Russian and the Turkish woman it is a normal thing.

Demi Moore trusts it. Nina Cermak can also attest to this


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What is Leech Therapy ?

Since the time of ancient Egypt, leeches have been used in medicine to treat nervous system abnormalities, dental problems, skin diseases, and infections.

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Leech Therapy Readiness. Hirudotherapy Procedures at Home.

    It is a good idea to acquire some basic understand of leeches, leech therapy and the concept of bloodletting. This is best done by watching some of your favorite leech therapist’s educational videos on leeches. With this knowledge and basic understanding, you will be capable of making an educated choice regarding your leech therapy options.

    Find a leech therapy practitioner in your area.

    Make sure he / she can and will travel to your home to perform the hirudotherapy

    Once terms are agreed and leech therapy appointment is set, be sure to get ready for your therapy session.

    When your leech therapist arrives at your home, be sure to provide them clear access to the bathroom, as they will need to change leech water. Due to the long travel over several hours, leeches would have experienced a certain amount of stress and would have released certain amounts of secretion into the water, which will need to be changed immediately upon arrival. Your hirudotherapy healer will also need to wash their hands and prepare themselves hygienically, for the therapy to come. Make sure you have all necessary toiletries in your bathroom, for them to do so.

    As leacher and leeches are ready to begin, you will be asked to show the place you have chosen for your therapy. Upon seeing it, they may or may not make different suggestions or recommendations. If the place of therapy is suitable, they will ask to see if all other preparations are in place.

    You will have had to purchase either kitchen towels or tissues and or Kleenex tissue paper. The hirudotherapist will need this paper to constantly wipe off the secreting leeches as well as the oozing blood after therapy. Make sure you prepare ample amounts of absorbent wiping papers for this purpose beforehand.

    There needs to be an empty trash bin in the room, lined with a trash bag, which bin will get filled up quickly with those used-up tissue papers.

    The leeches therapy professional will also ask you to make the room warm and comfortable for them to work in. Be sure to have a heating on.

    Since leeches require peaceful and calm environments to effectively do their clinical work, there will need to be complete silence in the room. Any distraction will deter the optional function of the leeches. Ensure that there are no working TVs or Radios in the therapy room you have decided to use. Ensure also that there are no noisy or curious relatives around, who will comment out loud on the therapy procedure and will distract the leeches and the therapist in their work. Do not talk endlessly to the hirudotherapist, asking them questions or various sorts. They need complete and absolute silence to work in. If there is anyone else present in the room, be sure to instruct them to remain silent during the Leech Therapy session and provide their assistance to the hirudo therapist, as needed.

    Ensure there is at least one open window in the room, so as to provide  a fresh air environment for the leeches and leech therapist to work in. Fresh air is closest to their natural environment and leeches will do a better job when they are made to feel comfortable.

    Ensure all windows, curtains and blinds are pulled away from the windows and the room is flooded with natural lighting. Your hirudotherpist cannot work in the dark or artificial lighting conditions, as they will require the maximum amount of natural lighting to accomplish their job and aid the curative functions of the leeches they have brought with them.

    All smells, fragrances and odors of any kind must be absolutely eliminated from the working environment of the leeches. Leeches do not bite when they smell soap, perfume, colon, deodorant, room fresher, shampoo or lotion. It is best to take out all smells from the room, and not take a shower at least 24 hours prior to therapy. Leeches can work with sweaty body but they cannot work with a perfumed body or in an aromatized room.

    Prepare a pack of heavy-duty feminine pads, the kind used by women, when they are on their monthly cycle. Bandages or plasters cannot contain the 10-hour blood oozing that will take place after leech therapy and the draining out of lymphatic fluids. You may also buy a pack of baby swim pants or incontinence pads for the elderly, if you are having more than 10 leeches applied on your skin and you think you might need them. Vaginal leeching inside the vagina will definitely require one of the more heavier types of pads.

    Masking tape is another handy wound dressing item to have, to help you do your own bandaging after the therapy session. Although it is not a requirement for therapy, it will be beneficial to have, because once the hirudotherapist leaves your home, you will be left to dress the leech bite yourself.

    Prepare one or more large old towels  to lay on, during and after leech therapy. Your towel will come in very handy, when your 10-hour post-therapy blood oozing begins, after your hirudotherapist has left. You may even choose to wrap yourself in that towel, to help absorb the oozing blood. Some patients prefer using towels to bandaging materials, especially when they are staying in the house and not planning to out anywhere post-therapy.

    Prepare your leech therapy payment nearby, to hand to the therapist, before, during or after your therapy. You will need to have it ready and nearby and hand it to your leech therapy healer whenever possible, as you will experience limited mobility afterward therapy, due to the plentiful 10-hour bleeding.

    It is not a bad idea to have a quiet assistant on the side, ready to hand your leech therapist materials and supplies necessary during your therapeutic  session. This assistant must remain as quiet as possible, so as to not disturb the work of the leeches. If you manage to secure someone from your household, family or relatives to assist, your therapy will go much quicker and more efficient than usual.

    for your hirudo therapist. During the application of leeches on your body, the therapist will want to sit and rest at some point, to have a cup of tea, while waiting for the leeches to finish sucking. Ask your assistant or prepare some light drinks or refreshments for your hirudotherapist during that time. Make sure you do not shower him / her with questions and talking, so as to allow leeches to release their hirudin in peace and finish their bloodsucking job. Allow silence and peace for your therapist to enjoy refreshment while she/he takes a break in the middle of therapy, during the leech sucking phase.

    If your leech therapy professional has advised you to book another session for your particular medical condition, be sure to book your next appointment at the time of your first therapy and while your therapist is still there in the room, as to get the best available time.  Your therapist will inform you how long you must wait between sessions to have your followup leech application.

  • Now that you are finished receiving your leech therapy treatments, you can enjoy the refreshing therapeutic effects of the injected hirudin and the plentiful bloodletting and detox that just took place in your body. 
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