Hirudo therapy: the professor explains why and how

Hirudo therapy: the professor explains why and how

Leech therapie

Leech therapy, like cupping therapy, has been known for centuries. It was only forgotten for a long time and is now being “rediscovered”. It is now widely used in the treatment of bruises, poorly healing wounds, inflammation of the joints and for rheumatism.

Today, scientific studies were able to prove the effectiveness of leeches (Prof. Dobos, Clinic for Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine, Essen).

Why should offer these methods to our patients?

What happens with leech therapy:

The patient lies down comfortably in a quiet and slightly darkened room. (Leeches don't like stress and bright light!). Then the leeches are placed on the parts of the body where they bite. This process is painless. The process of biting can take anywhere from minutes to an hour. The skin should not be washed for 2 days beforehand, or rubbed with perfume or creams. The leeches remain on the patient until they are completely soaked and then fall off themselves. This can take up to 3 hours, after which the wounds can bleed easily for up to 2 days.

Prof. Dobos and his colleagues were able to show that a single treatment is sufficient. In rare cases, treatment was repeated after 6 weeks to ensure persistent pain reduction.


Quelle: aerzteteam-kommern.de


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