Leech Facts: Medicinal Leech Hirudotherapy FAQ

Leech Facts: Medicinal Leech Hirudotherapy FAQ

1. Will Leech Therapy help with my Medical Condition?

Leeches have been widely-used as a "panacea" treatment since ancient times. They are helpful in almost all diseases, conditions and symptoms. In rare cases, there are contra-indications against the use of medical leeches. But whatever your illness, it is worth while to try leech treatment as it is a natural remedy, a non-invasive therapy method, often times it can save you from having an operation and in some cases it saves lives. 

2. How Many Hirudo Leeches do I need, to treat my Disease?

Leeches have been used since ancient times, not invented by us humans nor do we impart any innovation into their work. Leeches are the healers and the doctors and not man. This fact has proven itself over the span of centuries. For starters, we recommend placement of 10 leeches on targeted points of your body. This is done, so as not to overload the bloodstream with too much hirudin on the first session. After the first session of 10 medicinal Hirudo Leeches,, therapy should continue by placing medical leeches equal to your body weight in kilos, divided by ten, on a weekly basis.  Over the course of several months, execute this leech therapy as described,  will perform the job of healing and bloodletting and will have . Of course you can put many more depending on your situation and needs. The maximum that is admissible in one session is 40-50 leeches. Most modern trends in Hirudotherapy apply even groups of 50 to 60 leeches session in chronic and severe cases this number leeches are placed in designated locations disease or only in one place.

3. Where to apply Medical Leeches for each Illness?

This is the most difficult question in Hirudotherapy. Basically, there are acupuncture points in the body along the meridians for each separate entity. Meridians that govern the activities of the body. The energy that moves along the meridians and collected in acupuncture points is one that is stimulated by leeches' therapy. Treatment with leeches, body parts of their placement and other typical hirudotherapy specificities take a lifetime to learn and master. We have created a library of informative videos about hirudotherapy in certain diseases.

4. I Wish to Order Hirudo Medicinalis Leeches. How do I find a Leech Seller?

Click to order order your medical leeches Online. Leeches are shipped weekly to destinations Worldwide.

5. How Does the Payment for Leeches Work?

Medical leeches can be paid for by Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer. Leech orders are placed on a dispatch list and shipped twice a week to their worldwide destinations. The Hirudo leaches almost always arrive alive safe and sound. Leeches take 2-3 days to arrive to your address and they can survive up to 7 day trip and if properly packaged, leeches CAN live up to 10 days in shipping containers!

6. Can I Consult with a Specialist About my Disease and the Specifics of my Health Situation?

You can arrange a leech therapy consultation here. Experts are available to advise you on any specific and personal question you may have regarding how you feel and the symptoms of your condition. Leech Treatment consultations are a good way to start your hirudotherapy journey towards healing. Besides asking about your health and disease prevention, you may also consult with our specialist and question them about breeding & raising bloodsucking leeches in a small hirudotherapy farm or becoming a home-based leech breeder, as well as have the opportunity to learn and ask questions about how to keep leeches as pets.

7. Are Medicinal Leeches Used in Veterinary Medicine?

If you have a horse, dog, cat, sheep, goats, cattle, you can successfully perform Hirudotherapy on your farm animals or house pets. You may want to consult with our leech experts first. 

8. I Think I Need a Hirudotherapist to Apply my Leeches!

You can arrange a hirudotherapy appointment here and a leech consultation here. Treatment with leeches is very special activity that takes years to learn and master. It is an art in itself and is not for everyone. Many people feel confident that they themselves can implement leech treatment with the clinical bloodsuckers, whereas others need the services of a professional in this field. Although the price of a leech would triple, as treatment with leeches is a luxury that not everyone can afford, for certain patients Hirudotherapy is the only answer. 

9. Leeches have been Extensively Used in Medicine.

The hospital systems worldwide orders approximately 20 000 HIrudo Medisinalis leeches, to treat surgery patients after operations. Leaches are used to drain the excess accumulated blood and lymphatic fluid after a surgery operation. Health systems the world over, serving patients have implemented the use of leeches in their methods of treatment protocols and in some countries they are prized as high as the top healers themselves. Our company receives leech orders for medical leeches worldwide. Should you delay your leech order even by single week, this may cost you the worsening of your health condition, which can lead to serious consequences.

10. Does it Hurt to get Bitten by a Leech?

Leech bites are not painful. Some compare him with a weak current, others with mosquito bites, third, feel that it mimics the feeling of tingling sensation with a small needle. Your clinical leech biting is not at all a painful sensation, some even find the feeling enjoyable. After the first few minutes, the sensation completely disappears, as the leech injects its hirudin into your bloodstream, along with its antiseptic pain relieving substances and leech saliva components.

11. How do You Care for Bloodsucking Hirudo Leeches?

Leeches are cared for relatively easily. The most important thing is their water needs to be changed weekly and they are not kept in a hot location or exposed to direct sunlight. Leeches kept in clean tap water will live to up to a year, unfed. The medicinal leech Hirudo Medicinalis feeds only on blood of mammals and does not "eat" anything else!

12. How Soon can I repeat My Leech Treatment?

Leeches can be reapplied as early as four days after the first treatment or as much as 25 days apart.

13. Can I Re-Use my Leeches?

Leeches are not known to transmit infectious or disease, because they do not have the back-valves that other insects have (such as mosquitoes & flies). Nevertheless, it is not advisable to use leeches on anybody else after the first therapy session. After the leech has digested its first portion of blood that it has sucked from you in approximately 3 to 6 months, depending on the size of the leech, it will be ready to suck again. In medicine, leeches are considered medical instruments and are killed, immediately following therapy. If you disagree with this treatment of live animals and find it an inhumaine treatment, you may choose to care for your leeches and raise them as house pets. Some people re-use and re-apply their leeches on themselves, as soon as they are ready to suck blood again.

14. Where do Your Leeches Come from? Are they Certified?

Our company has a contractual relationships with the most renowned European bio-farms for medicinal leeches. All of the bio-farm production that we stock is certified and thus suitable to be used in a clinical setting. Certificates belong to the bio-farm producers and are issued by that State in which the farm is based. Leech production certificates are proprietary documents and not usually available to the general public. Leeches.com is a worldwide distributor of medical-grade premium quality leeches. 

15. How Long do Leeches Drink Blood?

Blood-sucking clinical leeches need approximately 20-45 minutes to drink all the blood they need for one meal. This is also the duration of a leech therapy session with a professional hirudotherapist. If the patient's blood circulation of the patient is slow and stagnant, hirudo leeches will take longer to finish the bloodsucking process. The leech needs additional 10-15 minutes to suck from such patients. Leeches fall alone by itself when filled with blood.


16. I am a Hirudoterapist and I run Leech Spa or Studio for Hirudotherapy. Can we Work together or Collaborate?

Our collaboration with leech therapy studios and spas dates back to 2013. We work alongside managers of cosmetic and hirudotherapy leech clinic and health leech spas to bring the best deals and specials for the establishment you run. We offer spa center owners and mangers to to take advantage of the special discount package and wholesale prices. We also cooperate together on several consultancy levels to provide our the patients services and advice with regards to their leech therapy options. Our specialists provide a professional expertise and literature to the attention of the patient as well as a special discount to the spa patients.

We also provide FREE advertising space on Leeches.com for any Hirudotherapist, practicing from all over the world. We invite every leech healer of professional and non-professional standing, to advertise their services. Our advertising space is completely Free and all you need is to prepare a unique one-page summary of your experience with leeches, accompanied by a picture of yourself, your premises or your leeches and we will post your ad on Leeches.com for free. Contact us here to advertise hirudotherapy for free on Leeches.com

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