Testimonials: leech therapy for osteoarthritis and pain relief

Testimonials: leech therapy for osteoarthritis and pain relief

When the leech therapy takes effect or how quickly the leech treatment works varies from case to case:

It very often happens that the patient gets up from the couch and is pain-free immediately after the leech treatment. This condition is usually very surprising for the patients and with a healthy skepticism they "wait" for the pain to flare up again. The feeling of not feeling after years of pain is so incredible.

The good: The state of freedom from pain persists. Often over years, as you can read:

Leech therapy provides treatment for osteoarthritis, knee pain, inflammation and pain in the spine and small joints, for rhizarthrosis in the thumb saddle joint or arthrosis in the big toe joint, for Sinus-Tarsi syndrome, i.e. injuries in the upper ankle joint (OSG) Ulcus curis (open legs due to chronic venous insufficiency, CVI for short) and others a sensible alternative to conventional medicine. According to my own experience and the experience of my patients (both women and more and more men are now opting for leeches), over 80% of my patients are symptom-free after the treatment or the symptoms have decreased significantly . No other therapy has these positive results. As a naturopath, I am prohibited from making healing promises. It would also be presumptuous to make such predictions. Nevertheless, I am always overwhelmed and grateful for the effect that these small leeches have on people suffering from pain.

Some testimonials:

Knee arthrosis


Ms. Patient 73 years came to my practice in August 2013. She had severe knee pain on both sides due to osteoarthritis diagnosed in 2003. Hyaluron injections, which she got from the orthopedic surgeon, and ultrasound treatment did not help.

She had the typical symptoms of osteoarthritis: start-up pain after rest, waking up at night from pain, not being able to walk long distances, pain pills and Voltaren rub-ins no longer helped.

Based on a detailed medical history and risk-benefit assessment, we were able to discontinue the ASA for 5 days. We put leeches on the left knee, which was the more painful. The knee was bleeding well. Already in the evening when I changed the bandage, the patient could not believe that the pain was gone and that she could move the knee without problems. We wanted to put leeches on the right knee 4 weeks later, but that was not necessary. Due to the absence of pain, the patient was able to fully load the left knee again, so that the right knee was relieved. The result was also freedom from pain. To date, the patient is symptom-free and can pursue her sporting hobbies again.

Grade IV knee osteoarthritis

Ms. Patient (74 years old) came to my practice with the words: "You are my last resort!"

She suffered from severe pain in both knees, could not walk long distances, woke up from pain at night and suffered from the typical start-up pain after sitting or resting for a long time. Five years ago she was diagnosed with grade IV osteoarthritis. Hyaluron injections that were given by the orthopedic surgeon only helped to a limited extent. There were also swellings in both knees. After a detailed medical history and risk exclusion, we put leeches on the left knee, which was the more painful at the time, the following week. After about 2 hours the last leech had fallen off and the patient was able to stand up with a thick suction bandage. What she hadn't expected ... the pain was gone, as was the stiffness in the joint. On the stairs she said to me: "I don't believe it!" In the evening when I changed the bandage when I visited the house, the pain was still gone and has remained so until today. 3 weeks later I performed leech treatment on the right knee - with the same very good result. The pain disappeared immediately after the treatment and the swelling also completely disappeared. According to my instructions, the patient was gentle on the knees for 2 weeks. Today she can hike again painlessly and do Nordic walking in a group without being the last. During the follow-up inspection she said to me: "I am so glad that I had it done. You are a pearl ... ”But I believe that the real pearls are the leeches. And I am always grateful for such results.

Patient from Vienna came with walking aids

The patient came to Dresden for a short vacation in June 2014 and combined this with the desired leech therapy, for which there are hardly any therapists in Austria. She had very good experiences with leech therapy 4 years ago. The MRI scan of the left knee from April 2014 indicated: activated varus gonarthose with chondropathy grade III to IV in the medial femororbital compartment and obliquely horizontal tear in the posterior horn and in the pars intermedia of the inner meniscus. Chondropathy grade II to III medial retropatellar. There was also a very pronounced knee joint cast. So a not so good finding and challenge for the leeches.

We put on the leeches, the therapy was normal. There was heavy bleeding, which was wanted. The bite spots swelled moderately and were very red. This is a reaction that rarely occurs, but which you can get a handle on with cooling. The patient also had a moderate vagovascular reaction for about 24 hours, which is also very rare. It is therefore very important to have a leech treatment done by an experienced therapist or naturopath. But read for yourself what she wrote me two months later ...

Dear Mrs Knoblauch

After a long break I would like to get in touch shortly. ... .. and at the same time I have to make up for half a year of incapacity to work. Gardening is currently the order of the day because the days are favorable due to the weather. I will write you in more detail in the next few days, because I have some health information for you that you will be interested in. At the same time, I would like to thank you again for your treatment, because without it my current zeal for work would probably not exist.

Even if the side effects were certainly not pleasant for me at the time, I can tell you today that after many weeks the swellings in the knee have disappeared, and the crackling and crackling is almost gone. On top of that, I deliberately didn't do any other knee treatments to see how the leeches work. I still haven't used ointment and arthrosis ointments to this day, and after almost 2 months I can walk, even carefully climb stairs, and do a lot of work again without any noteworthy pain. Of course, the knee osteoarthritis reports at times, but the organic suffering cannot be completely eliminated. But now I am at least back to the status before the shingles disease, because this caused all the complaints on the left knee from the inflammation.

You are welcome to advertise yourself with my treatment, because if you come to you with great pain and walking aids, and then you can work full time again about 2 months later (of course with some protection), that speaks for itself. Not to forget, of course, the performance of the little leeches. For me, the best medical professionals out there.

Many greetings from Vienna from your grateful patient.

After 1 1/2 years she writes:

Dear Mrs Knoblauch

I would like to wish you all the best for the holidays, and also for the "New Year", and hope that you continued to be as successful with your treatments as with me.

I am now writing you a few lines about the condition of my knee after the treatment 1 1/2 years ago. You are welcome to use this as a continuation of my story, because it is not only about the medical success of the leeches, but also about your therapeutic competence. As I mentioned last year, I felt that I was in good hands with you.

The fact that, like me, there can be some skin reactions shouldn't prevent anyone from undergoing treatment. The reward for everything is a month-long or year-long freedom from complaints.

The arthrosis in my knee is there, but unlike before, it was no longer necessary to use a knee brace for over a year.

The knee is never swollen again, unless I put too much strain on it from heavy gardening. And even then, after a few days of rest, everything was back to normal. After a long problematic time with my knee, I now have a pain-free life, which also enables me to work again without walking aids or other support. Guaranteed by leech therapy! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for everything and wish you continued success with your treatments.

Many greetings from Vienna A.

And after some more than 2 years she writes this:

After almost 2 1/2 years after your treatment, everything is still as positive as I described it in the previous posts. I never had the feeling in my knee that something was thickening or swollen. Despite osteoarthritis and a well-known history, I have not had to treat my knee with ointments or support with bandages in the last few years after leech therapy

For years now, mobility has been what I need for everyday life.

I am fully aware that my experience is of course based on my own medical history and can only be a guide for other people affected.

But I can only recommend everyone to find out about leech treatment.

Years ago, I also inquired in the Internet about my desperate illness-related situation at the time, and then I found the right address for you.

Because you not only have the professional competence, but also the necessary empathy to really help.

A special thanks goes to my little leeches again, which made my life free of complaints back then.

As always, I wish you all the best and that there are still many people who can treat you successfully.

Kind regards from Vienna

Alexandra M.


Pain and inflammation in the midfoot and ball of the foot

At the express request of this patient, I will write this report:

Ms. Regina G. from Chemnitz had suffered from a swollen painful foot from the ankle downwards, especially in the midfoot and ball of the foot area, for over a year. Performing with this foot was practically impossible for more than half a year. In private medical orthopedic treatment, including with syringes and cryotherapy, you were at the end of the Latin.

At the end of November 2014, leeches were placed around the midfoot. After 2.5 hours the last leech had let go so that Ms G. could go home after connecting by taxi. The contours of the ankle were already recognizable at home in the evening. The inflammation and pain subsided within 3 days, so that Ms. G. could walk on the ball of her feet again. Since Ms. G worked as a salesperson, we put leeches on again shortly after the turn of the year to support the healing again. To date, almost 3 years later, she has never had pain or inflammation in the foot. Minimal swelling occasionally only occurs when there is a heavy load, which usually subsides the next day.

Rhizarthrosis thumb saddle joint

Ms. B. suffered from a rhizarthrosis in the right thumb saddle joint. She was therefore very limited in her work as a furniture restorer. She came to my practice for leech treatment in November 2013. In July 2014 she wrote in an email:

"... thanks to the support of the leeches, I will surely be able to work on a lot of furniture


... "Osteoarthritis in the big toe joint and in the knee

Ms. H. came to my practice earlier this year with osteoarthritis of the big toe joint. The toe was stiff and slightly swollen. Shoes could only be worn to a limited extent; running was only painful. She had been recommended leech therapy by her sister, who also had osteoarthritis of the big toe joint. In addition to the discomfort in the foot, the patient also suffered from knee arthrosis with swelling of the knee, also on the right side. After a thorough previous medical history, I recommended that the patient also put leeches on the knee, since the leg had to be raised for the rest of the day and the following days had to be spared. She agreed and we put leeches on our knees and feet.

In the evening when I changed the dressing for the home visit, the patient was still somewhat skeptical. She couldn't believe that the leeches help so quickly.

The following week she came to my practice for a follow-up check and was overjoyed: "I can move my toe again and the knee pain is gone too. I jump around like a deer again, my husband says!"

There is nothing to add.

I could write many of my patients' testimonials.

My own experience with Sinus Tarsi syndrome in the ankle

Here is my own report on Sinus Tarsi syndrome on the left ankle:

After an accident that injured my left ankle, I myself was in considerable pain and could not walk more than 100 m without pain. Especially at night I was tormented by severe rest pain, no matter in which position I lay my foot. Touching the area around the ankle was very painful.

My quality of life was severely limited because I loved jogging, cycling and I am an enthusiastic winter sports enthusiast. Running was now taboo.

Specialists in Dresden and Munich diagnosed Sinus-Tarsi syndrome, which means ... we don't know. All conventional medical therapies failed and even made the situation worse. I was advised to practice psychotherapy ... because with this pain I had to learn to live ...

For me, however, the leeches were the last hope that the pain could finally be put to an end.

Contrary to the positive experiences in other patients, who were immediately pain-free, I experienced a severe deterioration. I was in extreme pain for 4 days. I just thought luckily that happened to me and not to one of my patients.

But on the 5th day it tipped over, the pain was suddenly gone. 4 months later I repeated the leech therapy again and I am still happy that I can do all my sporting activities up to climbing.

I very much hope that this helpful therapy will continue to receive attention, be carried out responsibly and continue to be scientifically proven.

Until then: “Whoever heals is right.

Source: naturheilpraxis-dd.de


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