Hirudo therapy in the medical practice

Hirudo therapy in the medical practice

Hirudo therapy in the medical practice

What is leech therapy?

In leeches treatment, leeches are placed in a suitable location so that they bring about a small bloodletting.

Treatment goal

With the help of leech saliva and the relaxing effect of hirudin, the outflow of blood is stimulated from the naturopathic perspective and wound healing is improved.

Application / therapy / diagnostic options

There is an acceleration of the lymphatic drainage and subsequent bleeding in the bite area of ​​the leeches. Experience has shown that the healing effects of the active substances in leeches are used in naturopathic practice for many diseases, but mainly for vein diseases in the leg area, arthrosis, inflammation of all kinds and high blood pressure.

Causes / background & use

The leeches release anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory agents during their use on the patient, of which hirudin is particularly known.

Treatment Limits

No limits are known. However, it should be noted that local skin reactions can occur, the nature of which may vary from patient to patient. There may be bruises around the bite site, but these usually go away after a few days.

Slight swelling or itching is also possible. In order to be able to precisely assess the patient's reaction, the leech treatment must be carried out under the supervision of the practitioner.


Source: heilpraktiker.org


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